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  • Drywall Sanding Sheets

    Drywall Sanding Sheets

    Silicon Carbide coated mesh pole sheets cut quickly and efficiently. The open mesh construction allow the sheet to be cleared of dust easily for continued use. Coated on both sides with abrasive gr...

    Price From: $42.50
  • Abrasive Bands/Sanding Sleeves

    Abrasive Bands/Sanding Sleeves

    Our abrasive bands are made with an Aluminum Oxide grain, bonded to an X-weight cloth with a resin over resin coating. Made in the U.S.A. Abrasive band sizes are always listed; diameter first, follo...

    Price From: $5.00
  • Spindle Sander Sleeves

    Spindle Sander Sleeves

    Whether you have a bench top or floor model oscillating spindle sander.. our industrial spindle sander sleeves will get the job done. The sleeves are made with Aluminum Oxide grain on a resin bond ...

    Price From: $3.75 As low as: $3.25
  • Radius Sanding Sponge

    Radius Sanding Sponge

    The radius block has rounded edges which allows the block to contour to a variety of profiled surfaces. Excellent for wood, metal, plastics and ceramics. Sand curved moldings or concave surfaces fas...

  • Mandrel Mounted Flapwheels

    Mandrel Mounted Flapwheels

    Mounted flapwheels can be used in your drill press, air tool, hand drill, or other hand tools. Great for removing paint, rust or for sanding flat and curved surfaces. Recommended for wood, steel, ca...

    Price From: $2.50 As low as: $2.20
  • High Flex Sanding Sponge

    High Flex Sanding Sponge

    This popular soft backed pad is highly flexible and versatile. Coated on one side with Aluminum Oxide grain this pad is easy to hold and is used for the sanding of wood, metals, plastics and ceramics...

  • Firm Sanding Sponge Block- 1 inch thick

    Firm Sanding Sponge Block- 1 inch thick

    This 1 inch thick sanding sponge is coated with premium Aluminum Oxide grain on 4 sides. This block fits easily into the palm of your hand and is ideal for sanding a variety of surfaces and shapes....

  • Unmounted Flapwheels

    Unmounted Flapwheels

    Unmounted flapwheels are available in diameters of 4" through 8". The arbor hole allows you to mount them on your bench motor, grinder or any spinning bench mandrel that will accept them....

    Price From: $9.75
  • Dual Angled Sanding Sponge

    Dual Angled Sanding Sponge

    This dual angled sponge has two 75 degree angles and is ideal for sanding in hard to reach corners and edges. Long lasting Aluminum Oxide grain is great for applications including wood, metal, auto b...

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