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  • Edge & Stroke Sanding Belts

    Edge & Stroke Sanding Belts

    We manufacture only ONE line of abrasive belts, as a large segment of our business is the industrial market, our inventories are keyed to their needs. The benefit to you is a "state of the art", heav...

    Price From: $7.50 As low as: $7.00
  • Abrasive Bands/Sanding Sleeves

    Abrasive Bands/Sanding Sleeves

    Our abrasive bands are made with an Aluminum Oxide grain, bonded to an X-weight cloth with a resin over resin coating. Made in the U.S.A. Abrasive band sizes are always listed; diameter first, follo...

    Price From: $5.00
  • Disc Pad Nut

    Disc Pad Nut

    Disc pad nuts are to be used with our Resin Fibre Discs Back up Pads. Securely holds the fibre discs flat against the pad for smooth operation. Fits 5/8-11 threaded shaft .

  • Spanner Wrench

    Spanner Wrench

    This spanner wrench has a high angle to save knuckles. Used on disc pad nuts for our fibre disc back up pads....

  • Pneumatic Drum Repair Kit

    Pneumatic Drum Repair Kit

    This kit has everything you need to replace the rubber bladders on your pneumatic drums. Kit will allow you to replace the drum bladder several times. Kit includes the following; Instruction sheet,...


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5 Item(s)