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  • Quick Change Screw on Style Discs

    Quick Change Screw on Style Discs

    Type R or "roll on" style discs are made with a 2 ply backing for durability. Coated with an Aluminum Oxide Grain our discs will get the job done. Great for the sanding of metal, wood, plastics and...

    Price From: $9.50
  • Rubber Cushion Drums

    Rubber Cushion Drums

    Available in many diameters and widths our Rubber Sanding Drums hold abrasive " bands". Lock the sanding bands securely in place; just tighten the nut to expand the rubber cylinder. Diameter is alw...

    Price From: $3.75
  • Nylon Sanding Pads

    Nylon Sanding Pads

    Nylon hand pad applications are the same as steel wool. The advantage is metallic fibers are not left behind to rust. Perfect for the cleaning and finishing of wood, metals, corian and much more. Pa...

    Price From: $1.50 As low as: $1.00
  • Unmounted Flapwheels

    Unmounted Flapwheels

    Unmounted flapwheels are available in diameters of 4" through 8". The arbor hole allows you to mount them on your bench motor, grinder or any spinning bench mandrel that will accept them....

    Price From: $9.75

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