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  • Graphite Coated Canvas

    Graphite Coated Canvas

    Graphite coated canvas is the most effective dry lubricant available for use on the back of sanding belts to reduce heat and friction, increase speed and provide longer abrasive belt wear. A must for...

    Price From: $11.50
  • Spindle Sander Sleeves

    Spindle Sander Sleeves

    Whether you have a bench top or floor model oscillating spindle sander.. our industrial spindle sander sleeves will get the job done. The sleeves are made with Aluminum Oxide grain on a resin bond ...

    Price From: $3.75 As low as: $3.25
  • Pneumatic Drum Sanders

    Pneumatic Drum Sanders

    Pneumatic drums are the answer to your sanding problems of irregular shapes and contours. Fill the drum to desired firmness... less air for more contoured shapes and more air for flatter pieces. Our...

    Price From: $220.00
  • Drum Sander Replacement Conveyor Belts

    Drum Sander Replacement Conveyor Belts

    Our premium conveyor belts are made using a heavy X weight polyester/cotton blend cloth backing. Conveyor belts are made in 100 or 120 grit. We have listed the most popular machines with the correspo...

    Price From: $18.00

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